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Suwannee River
DIXIE COUNTY--- Best of Two Worlds
Everyone knows there are two worlds out there. One is progressive and hustling, bustling its way toward the next million bucks. The other is pretty much the way the Earth was created -- with trees and fish and deer and blue skies and not a worry in sight. Well, in Dixie County, Florida, we bring you the best of both. Head off on one of those unmarked roads of ours and you'll quickly see why we say this. We still have places where you can be quiet and listen to the wondrous wilds. And you can enjoy our wilds in many different ways: hiking, bicycling, on horseback, ATV-ing, or boating. At the same time, we are completely connected--cell phone, Internet access; you can stay on top of your business in Dixie County and the world.
Sunrise on the Suwannee The fact is, many visitors to Dixie decide to stay longer. A lot longer. So we'd better tell you that, while real estate prices are still at the bargain level, there are no guarantees for the future. If Dixie is what you have been waiting for, our advice is to wait no longer. Reputable real estate agents are the rule here, not the exception. Tell them what you're looking for (waterfront, woodsy, farm) and chances are they'll have several sites for you to inspect before you can say Way Down Upon the Suwannee River. But even if you're presently looking for nothing more complicated than a good place to spend the night, Dixie has that, too. First class motels are abundant while bed and breakfasts await at Suwannee and Steinhatchee as well as other locations. Campgrounds for both tenting and RVs are not hard to find -- they're at numerous county parks, private camps and nearby state parks. At Suwannee, you can even rent a houseboat! Dixie County has enough features to keep even the most adventurous soul entertained for a long, long time. Visit here or settle here --- you'll know you're most welcome!

Dixie County Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 547
Cross City, FL 32628
(352) 498-5454
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